Laziness or Holiness? Why Rest Matters

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, our first concern was whether we would live and survive. We were hit by an enemy we had no experience with and had no idea how to navigate. We were worried about health and new measures such as social distancing, and then many of us were hit with the “work-from-home” directive.

I have always been busy. Up by five, breakfast, quiet time, meditation, cleaning, and out the door before six, then a busy day and a commute home at five. Busy is all I know. Other than Sunday afternoon naps, busy and living are synonymous to me. Working from home meant I had hours to myself that I had nothing to fill with. No commute meant I could wake up earlier, and evenings were without commutes.

I was, quite frankly, losing my mind.

In prayer, four months into the pandemic, the Lord reminded me that rest was ordained by God. I was reminded that God, the God of all the earth, blocked out the seventh day for rest (Genesis 2:2-3). This was a eureka moment for me.

As Christians, we are aware that God rested, and we often do not go to work on Sunday because it is the day of rest (Exodus 20:8-11). The real question, however, is: Are we aware that rest is a command from God? Are we aware that God takes the concept of rest very seriously?

What is Rest?

Rest, according to the English dictionary, means to cease work or movement in order to sleep or recover strength. However, there are many different kinds of rest, including physical rest, mental rest, and spiritual rest.

How We Fail at Rest

In modern Western society, there is so much emphasis on work. We are always seeking to be the best, always in motion. We strive so much to do—and to be seen doing—that we fail at one of the simplest commands: to rest.

Rest is one of the best ways to harness the power of God fully. God often requires us to take a step back and let Him do His Job. Rest is a symbol of faith. It shows that the heart is aligned with God’s will.

The Bible, in Isaiah 40:31, says that those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Waiting simply refers to the art of taking a step back. This means resting the pursuit and trusting God to renew your strength to keep pursuing.

Even Jesus Rested

In the New Testament, Jesus’s actions are a great example of how to rest. Mark 4:35-40 describes how, even in the midst of a storm, Jesus is resting, and His disciples—worried and without peace—must wake Him. 

When Jesus needed restoration, He would take a step back and rest and even pray. He understood that there is only so much our human efforts can yield. He calls us to take His yoke and learn from Him, and promises that He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28–30).

Rest allows God to restore the mental and physical strength you need to work. We should trust God in the resting. Being fully aware that even when we don’t see it, God is always working.

How can you incorporate rest into your life? Ponder this.

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  1. Dimitra Handrinos Avatar
    Dimitra Handrinos

    Gods Rest Day is Saturday not Sunday..From sunset Friday to sunset Saturday….The first day of the week is Sunday…AT 321 AD THE EMPEROR CONSTANTINE CHANGED THE GODS REST DAY FROM SATURDAY TO SUNDAY…WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE GODS REST DAY? No one. I keep the ORIGINAL REST DAY AS WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE…My heart is at peace & happy THANK YOU LORD JESUSJESUS NEVER KEPT Sunday for rest, He always kept the SABBATH-DAY SATURDAY AS ORIGINAL IN THE WORD OF GOD. SEEK & YOU SHALL FIND✌️Blessings, Dimitra

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