How Self Love Can Change Your Life

There has been a huge emphasis on self-love recently. The more aware we are of ourselves, the more we care about how we are perceived, how people see us, and whether we matter in the bigger picture.

The irony, however, is that the more self-aware we are, the more miserable we are. If we looked through a spiritual microscope at ourselves, we would see ourselves for how imperfect we are as mortals.

We sin often; even the most perfect of us have human eyes that are prone to see fault. Aside from God, our human eyes cannot see perfection. We look at our bodies and see that we are too short or too tall, or that our teeth are not aligned or not white enough. If we are to be objective, we are not, and cannot be, perfect.

Self-love is not a blind eye to imperfection as much as it is the appreciation of our flaws. Self-love is the view that God, in His infinite wisdom, views us as perfect, and so should we. Christian self-love glorifies God as the perfect creator.

Ways to Practice Self-Love as a Christian 

1. Build and nurture your relationship with God.

The best way to love yourself is to love the one Who created you. His love, found in prayer and His Word, will transform your view of yourself and your weakness. It will remind you that you are His workmanship and He is the potter.

2. Take care of your body.

Your body is God’s temple. Eat healthy, shower regularly, exercise. You cannot change how you were created; you can only maintain the body you were given.

3. Speak life.

Let the words coming out of your mouth at all times be worthy of honor and praise. Speak life over yourself. Thank God for your body, your love, your strengths, and, most importantly, your weaknesses. In our weaknesses, His power is made strong.

How Self-Love Will Change Your Life

Self-love makes you happier.

When you love yourself, you know that your weaknesses and your lack do not determine you. You are reminded that there is One who created you who loves you and is aware of all you are going through. If nothing else, loving yourself is a form of praise to God.

Self-love changes your view of others.

There is a reason why airplane commercials instruct mothers to place their masks on before those of their children. This is because it is impossible to pour from an empty cup. If you have a healthy dose of self-love, you are more able to love those around you with grace.

Self-love pours out.

Self-love founded in Christ mirrors His love for us. It allows us to view others with the same amount of love we give ourselves. We are able to send love, extend love, and spread it in the same measure we are given.

Our prayer every day should be that we will love ourselves the way God loves us, that we can extend His love to this broken world. Let us ask God to make us His hands and feet to distribute the love He so graciously and freely pours out on us.

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