How Can We Find Christian Role Models?

Over the weekend, my daughter and I went to the nearest mall to grab a few things. Every so often, I’m able to spend quality time with her by walking around and listening to her stories about school and life in general. 

As we passed through a cosmetics store, she asked me for some new make-up to add to her collection. Since I allow her to wear make-up from time to time, I agreed to get her a few items. 

As we walked into the store, I quickly checked around for a store associate to help her select what she needed. I was shocked to discover that she already knew which items she wanted, as she had seen them on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. 

I asked her about it later, and she explained to me that her favorite influencers used those products and recommended them highly.

Influencers and Christianity

Back at home, I thought about the word influencer. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “one who exerts influence, a person who inspires and guides the lives of others.” Our modern world is filled with influencers who seek to guide how we live, what we buy, and, shockingly enough, even how we eat.

As Christians, we are called to be the salt and the light of this world. What does that mean in an increasingly secular world? How does that affect our lives when we are all seeking to be relevant and to conform?

Romans 12:2 calls us not to “conform to the pattern of this world” but to be “transformed by the renewing of [our] minds.” How will our minds be renewed if they are fed by secular influencers? These are difficult questions that we need to ask ourselves as Christians, especially when raising our children.

Our sons and daughters are finding more guidance through social media than scripture. Jesus should be the ultimate influencer in our lives and those of our children. We should allow Him to lead us and guide how we interact with this secular world. Granted, Jesus did not live in a world of social media, but we should still look to him as the leader and inspiration in our lives.

Parents Have to Guide Their Children

This is a call to us as Christians and as parents to focus on ultimate stewardship. Let us bury ourselves so deeply in God’s word that there is ultimately no space for any other influencer. Let us live in a way that leads our children to follow us as we follow Christ. 

How can we do this?

  1. Talk to your kids about the importance and impact of social media. 
  2. Ask your kids which influencers they gravitate toward and why.
  3. Make your kids aware of Christian influencers, writers, singers and filmmakers whose lives follow the Gospel.
  4. Be a role model of character in your own home.

Children learn by watching what we do. If we live worthy of the calling we have received, so will they.

It is essential to guide our children and show them that we are all human, even influencers. They are bound not to be right on certain issues. Christ, Who walked blameless on earth, should be the example we follow. 

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