Healing Prayer: Heal me, Lord

Lord, you are a glorious and mighty God. You came to us to reveal the truth and gave your life for our sins. For us to be able to enjoy your glory and power. Now and for all eternity!

Thank you, Lord, for your sacrifice on the Cross. Thank you for sending prophets to prepare the way for you; this way, we can cherish you now. Thank you to all the people delivering your message of love nowadays.

Thank you for God’s Word, who calls us, reminds us, and encourages us to orient our ways toward You.

Let us come to our hearts and heal our ears to hear you better. Cleanse our eyes away from the dirt we observe each day because this way, we overlook the beauty laid around us, in nature and in our bellowed.

Open our hearts so we can serve you wholeheartedly and heal our paralyzed hands. This way, we can touch those who need it—with hugs, gifts, greetings, nurturing, lifting from the floor, stroking, and playing.

Thank you, Lord, for calling us back to experience absolute freedom.


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