A Prayer for the Blessing of Children

Lord, I come before You today with a request that you bless the children you have given me. Let me remember every day that they are Your precious gift. Remind me many times that they are “the children God has graciously given your servant” (Genesis 33:5).

Be with me especially when I would like to have time only for myself, when I am not in the mood to negotiate with children, or when it is hard for me to be a good parent. I give you these moments. You know how I feel and what can bring me out of them.

Lord, may my children lack nothing. Please strengthen me in your righteousness so that your blessing may rain on all of us:

“The blessing of the Lord was on everything [he] had, both in the house and in the field.”

(Genesis 39:5)

Good God, help me to be a good parent even in times of trial and times when I am worried, when things are not going according to my plan or when children are testing my limits. Let me call on You then and receive Your blessing. Let me ponder Your word in moments like this:

And again, ‘I will put my trust in him.’ And again he says, ‘Here am I, and the children God has given me.’”

(Hebrews 2:13)

Loving Father, let me always be aware that even after my child is grown, you will raise and shape them into a more responsible, respectful, humble, and wise person. Thank you for teaching me to build healthy, confident relationships with other people even after raising my children.

I know I can turn to You at any time and renew my strength, which I need for my role as a parent and for the challenges of bringing up my children. Thank you for being with me, Father, to help me see clearly and deepen my understanding of what it means to be a loving and merciful parent. I am never completely alone in this role, as you also gave me the wonderful example of Mary and Joseph.

Father, thank you for each of my children. Let me look upon them as children of God who bring so much to a beautiful world and will one day be builders of Your kingdom among men: 

“Here am I, and the children the Lord has given me. We are signs and symbols in Israel from the Lord Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion.”

(Isaiah 8:18)

Thank you for entrusting me with this mission. I long to always help my children develop the talents with which you sent them into the world. May I seek inspiration in You, Father.

It’s wonderful to watch my children gather around the table: while eating, while praying, in serious conversation or leisure activities. Thank you for allowing me to experience what you have said: 

“Your children will be like olive shoots around your table.”

(Psalm 128:3)

Let their uniqueness and giftedness be a reason to celebrate:

“And on that day they offered great sacrifices, rejoicing because God had given them great joy. The women and children also rejoiced. The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away.”

(Nehemiah 12:43)

Father, if I could only guide them in moments of their failures and support them when they need encouragement for their personal growth. Give me the wisdom to be a good counselor to them so that their uniqueness shines with Your radiance. Let me be able to limit my ambitions and unhealthy expectations of my children.

Holy Spirit, deliver us from all the lies with which the devil so desperately wants to separate us. May he remain outside the walls of our home forever, and may Your peace always remain with our family: 

“Their children will be as in days of old, and their community will be established before me; I will punish all who oppress them.”

(Jeremiah 30:20)

Grant that my children may be doubly blessed, because of their divine heritage and also because of my share of the blessing with which you anoint my head: 

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.”

(Proverbs 17:6)

Now, Jesus, I ask You for the greatest gift and blessing that every caring parent longs for. Grant that my child may accept You as his Savior, remain faithful to You, and receive in full Your eternal inheritance, which You have already won for Him:

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.”

(John 1:12-13)


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