A Prayer for Prisoners and Their Families

Today, we invite you to pray with us for all prisoners, to offer up a sacrifice of prayer for those who do not see freedom, and to look at them with greater compassion and understanding.

A prayer for the prisoners


I ask you to help all people who are imprisoned or threatened with imprisonment, whether their prisons are physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional. 

Let them find freedom and meaning in You. 

Touch their hearts so that they can live with dignity after serving their sentences without the labels and prejudices of those around them. Let them truly experience repentance and wash their guilt away.

Father, I ask You to sanctify every prison cell with your light and bring hope, peace, and comfort to every prisoner. May the darkness of their cell never be so overpowering that it brings despair.

Dear Jesus, have mercy on all the prisoners around the world who are serving life sentences or are even sentenced to death. Let them know You as their Savior, and comfort them in all their inner struggles.

Lord, let us not condemn, but lighten the burdens of these our brothers and sisters. They are still part of society, in need of our care and love. Let us not forget them but bring them hope instead.

God of salvation, You sent angels through closed doors and rescued from prison the apostles and many of Your prophets. Lord, let the chains fall from all the hands and feet of those who are wrongfully accused and imprisoned. Give them freedom.

Merciful Jesus, change the hearts of the rulers in those countries where the law of the death penalty still applies. Let them realize that they cannot become arbiters and masters over the life of another. Lord, let us know Your mercy and give the possibility of a new beginning to every prisoner.

Lord, bless the families of prisoners as well. Give them the help and support they need, and remove any stigmas or social exclusion of their children.

Father, look upon all of us with your eyes of mercy.


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  1. Jennifer scott Avatar
    Jennifer scott

    Pray for our enemies loved ones all in protections blessed lord prayers lord concerning Kevin send him salvation bibles knowledge of jeses to him in jail the right change in Kevin to begin a saving relationship with lord jeses help send him the blessed councilor jeses the right prison ministry’s help ways blessed to good plan support when he leaves prison he has no financial help therapist addiction councilor even counseling with his problems relationships with Donna his girl her family amen help Kevin lord become better person you can help anyone any problems situation amen

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