A Prayer For Marriage: Through God To Marital Happiness

Exchanging vows in holy matrimony as the whole church celebrates you and your better half will always be one of the most beautiful occasions in life.

But the reality is that’s only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Your union’s beauty and success will only blossom through prayer for marriage in good and bad times.

Prayer is a heart-to-heart communication with God, and it offers you an opportunity to approach God’s throne of grace. The secret to your marriage’s success lies in the power of a consistent prayer life and intimacy with God.

If you make God a priority in your marriage through prayer, He will, in turn, make your union a priority to Him. Prayer will strengthen your marriage and your faith in God.

Always remember that when you kneel before God and pray for your marriage, He will enable you to stand tall and win against any challenge. Prayer will mold humility in you. It will help you to let go of any worries and let God take charge.

It is the engine that will empower you to speak life into your marriage for the glory of God.

Prayer For Marriage

Heavenly Father,

I thank you today for this precious gift of life and all that you’ve done and continue to do in my life, my partner’s life, and our marriage. I stand in the gap today and humbly ask for a stronger bond of love and unity in our marital covenant.

I pray for your help in identifying and bringing down anything that does not glorify your name so that my marriage can reach higher levels of spiritual, physical, and mental unity.

I humbly ask that you strengthen our physical and spiritual intimacy bond. Kindly show us any behavior that is delaying us from entering into a deeper, intimate relationship with you and each other. Free our hearts from past hurts and strengthen our faith in you again.

Dear Lord, help me and my spouse uphold honesty in everything we undertake. May your truth always be the shining light, even in solving any disputes along the way. We thank you for holding our hands and leading us to honesty as we submit to your authority.

As I work towards building a strong marriage built on the foundation of your word, create in me a forgiving spirit. Hold my hand and direct me towards the path of forgiveness. Help me never forget that you first loved me and chose to forgive me for my iniquities as a human being.

Father God, thank you for good physical, spiritual, and marital health. I pray that You grant my spouse and me the strength to glorify You through our bodies since they are Your temple. I pray for divine wisdom to build a healthy spiritual and marital life that places you above everything else.

Lord, open my inner eyes and help me to be the partner you intended me to be. Clearly show me my weak areas and help me to improve. Help me to be a strong pillar that my spouse can count on, and help us both yearn for more of you each day of our lives.

I love you, Lord, and I glorify your Holy Name now and forever.


Always strive to live a marital life that glorifies God in heaven. May your forgiving heart, respect, humility, obedience to God, love, and honesty be a sure testimony that prayer for marriage leads to a beautiful marital life.

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