A Prayer for little Anna

Franca, my good friend from Italy, has sent a request for a prayer.

It is dedicated to a young family that found itself in distress. Their two-and-a-half year old daughter Anna is sick in the stomach, her lymph node has developed a tissue that may be very dangerous.

Mama Elena is just expecting to give birth to their third child, a boy Matteo. They are asking us to pray for them, so that they all could stay strong in this time of trial.

I invite you to think of them frequently with a PRAYER to the Holy Family:

Holy Mary, Saint Joseph and Jesus, we are dedicating You this family.

Lord, You came into this world as a baby and were totally dependent on others. We ask You to heal Anna and give her a new and fulfilling life. Strengthen and comfort her during medical examinations; give a lot of love and power to staff caring for her as well, so that they could help her the most.

We ask Jesus to protect small Matteo from anything that could jeopardize his arrival to the world in happiness and peace of mind. Keep his mom Elena away from worries and provide her with a fulfilling and beautiful delivery, which she will be happy to remember.

Joseph and Mary, you were not spared the concerns of Jesus. You were handing them all in the hands of God and expected to receive help from Heaven.

Please intervene for a deep faith, abiding trust in God and the power to these parents. Lord, please anoint them with the Holy Spirit, that they may peacefully expect and watch Your wonders and believe in the Promise You gave them at their wedding.

Thank you all for sharing this prayer and keep praying with us!

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