A Prayer for Daughter

Our daughters are the little bright rays of sunshine in our homes, lighting our lives with their smiles and consoling us with the warmth of their hugs.

We feel nostalgic. We feel this bittersweet feeling as we watch them grow. In this prayer for daughter, we ask God to help our little angels, as we watch them go and embark on this journey we call life.

Lord, I Offer This Prayer for Daughter

Heavenly Father,

My heart sings with joy, thank You for my daughter. Thank You for giving her to me.

She makes my day bright with her kisses and my heart sings with her laughter. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

As I watch her grow, I pray for her.

Bless her, Lord. Surround her with good people and influences of genuine kindness, fortitude, and piety. Give her good friends. May she look up to people who make You happy.

Give her the gift of good judgment. May she be able to distinguish between what is right and wrong and always choose to do what is right. May she find it easy to avoid sin and people who can lead her away from You.

Lord, protect her from the evils of the world. Grant her the gift of understanding so that she may stand by her faith. Grant her courage so that in the face of evil, she will be strong and not falter.

In this life, I know that she will get hurt. She will cry and she may carry many burdens in life.

I pray that she may grow to become resilient and never surrender like the saints. May she face the storms of life with faith as her armor and prayers as her sword.

Lord, I pray that her life-changing decisions will always lead back to You. Whether to the road of married life or single blessedness, keep her in Your arms, Lord.

Bless her, that if she takes the family life, she will find a good man who loves You more than anything else and will respect her for all that she is. May she love her children and husband like Mama Mary.

Should she desire the road towards single blessedness, I pray that she finds constant happiness and contentment every day. I pray her happiness overflows and covers her community and that, in the end, she will inspire more people to go back to You.

Love her, Lord. Make me Your instrument so that through me, You can show her how you love her.

Help me teach her virtue, Lord. So that when she faces the world, no one can harm her soul. Help her understand that even though the pursuit for joy and happiness is great, there is also beauty in suffering and sacrifices.

Lord, guide her. So that, through the Holy Spirit, she will have the wisdom to see the world through Your eyes. May she make decisions, with the teachings of Jesus in her mind and with Your love in her heart.


May this prayer for daughter help you express your love for your daughter through the love of God.

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