Scott Morrison Discusses the Influence of Christianity in His Premiership

Scott Morrison, the former Prime Minister of Australia, credits his Christian faith with pivotal support during his leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic.

While in office from 2018 to 2022, Australia was dubbed ‘Fortress Australia’ due to its stringent border policies, which significantly contained the spread of the virus.

In an interview on the Premier’s Babel Undone podcast, Morrison revealed that his faith provided peace, wisdom, and guidance amidst the crisis.

He shared his conviction that God had prepared him for leadership challenges, stating, “Wherever I end up… he’s going to be with me, he’s going to have prepared me and enabled me in those circumstances.”

Despite his reliance on faith, Morrison emphasized his role in decision-making and governance, ensuring careful and informed actions during his tenure.

Morrison, who identifies as an evangelical Christian, often publicly discussed his faith, which he admits required a delicate balance given Australia’s diverse religious landscape.

He noted an increasing intolerance towards evangelical Christianity during his time in office, reflecting broader shifts in societal attitudes towards religion in the West.

As Australia’s 30th prime minister, Morrison stressed the importance of leading a secular government that served all Australians, regardless of their personal beliefs.

He remarked, “I was elected as the head of the Liberal Party in Australia, and I was a Christian in politics, and there’s a difference.”

His political memoir, Plans for Your Good, further details his experiences and insights into faith and politics.

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