Why do Catholics Pray to Saints?

Catholics are often bombarded with questions about our faith.

We encounter questions like, why do Catholics have statues? Why do you, Catholics, confess your sins to a priest? Or why do Catholics pray to saints?

The third question, for me, was one of the more difficult questions to answer… until yesterday.

The Car Crash

I could’ve died yesterday. Around lunchtime, I was involved in a car crash. I was driving on the highway when a truck bumped my car so hard, and I violently swerved to the left.

I heard my scream and the loud screech of the tires. Suddenly, everything moved in slow motion.

When the screeching stopped, I stared at my steering wheel. I was breathing heavily when out of nowhere, I heard three words, “Be not afraid“. I was alone in my car, but these words were crisp. The voice was strong yet calming.

I checked myself. I was unharmed. 

The Saints in Heaven Listen

I knew something was off. I just felt it that morning.

When I woke up, my husband and I read the gospel like we always do. But unlike our daily prayer routine, this morning was different. I suggested we pray the “Prayer to Take Authority” and out of nowhere, my husband also suggested that we pray the prayer to St. Michael to protect us from evil and harm.

Another thing was different that day. I usually listen to the rosary when I drive and then pop music when the prayer is over. But yesterday I decided to play the rosary on loop.

The rosary continued on and on. I just felt like listening to prayer. So much so, that even during the collision, the Hail Mary continued playing in the car.

A Vision of St. Michael

I was already calming down. My forehead was resting on my steering wheel when I had a split second vision of a deadly car crash.

The entire driver’s side was crumpled to the core, but an angel with a shoulder-length blonde wavy hair had his force field around the car. He was protecting the car from something.

For some reason that I can’t explain, I understood the message of the vision. That could’ve been me. I could’ve died. I was so visibly shaken that it took me a very long time to realize the vision was of St. Michael, and that morning, I prayed to St. Michael!

I decided to check the car, and to my surprise, it only had minor damages which were barely noticeable. I just couldn’t believe it. The crash was so loud and this was the only damage? I smiled, yep! I was protected.

Indescribable Joy

The truck driver came to me. His worried face told me everything. He thanked God I was okay. The driver knew he was at fault but again, something told me to just let it go.

“Aren’t you worried about your car?” The baffled man asked me. I told him, “Sir, I’m just glad we are both alive”.

We talked for a while. We made arrangements on how to fix my car and went our separate ways.

In my car, the rosary mysteries continued on loop. “Thank You Lord, Thank you Mama Mary, Thank you Jesus, Thank you angels, Thank you Saints.”

I kept repeating to myself. As I was driving to my destination, I would find myself smiling.

I was overwhelmed with this indescribable joy. I was okay, the driver was fine and I killed no one. St. Michael did protect me. Writing this now, remembering the vision and remembering how different it turned out, still makes me teary-eyed.

So, why do Catholics pray to saints?

Oftentimes, people feel that prayers to saints hold the lesser weight (me included). Now it is clear to me. Our prayers are answered.

The saints in heaven definitely look after us and now, I have a story to prove it.

If someday someone asks me, why do Catholics pray to a saint, I will tell them about how St. Michael protected me. The best answer I can offer!

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