Vatican Scandal: Former Worker Arrested in Manuscript Sting

The Vatican has confirmed the arrest of a former employee involved in an illicit attempt to sell a valuable manuscript from St. Peter’s Basilica’s archives.

The Italian newspaper Domani identified the suspect as Alfio Maria Daniele Pergolizzi.

Pergolizzi reportedly met with Italian Cardinal Mauro Gambetti and offered to sell the manuscript for around $130,000 (£101,569).

After accepting a cheque from Gambetti, Pergolizzi and his companion were swiftly detained.

The manuscript, described as a work by the school of artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, details the gold needed to decorate the renowned Baldacchino.

Currently, Pergolizzi is held at the offices of the Gendarmes of Vatican City State, and further legal proceedings are awaiting.

Next week, the promoter of justice will decide whether to indict Pergolizzi.

Alessandro Diddi, the Vatican’s promoter of justice, faces criticism for his methods, with some accusing him of entrapment.

The Faro di Roma news site disapproved, stating, “Clearly, this investigation is based on a trap set for a former employee. Nevertheless, it’s stupefied that this logic is followed within the Vatican State.”

Pergolizzi claims he obtained the manuscript from Italian Monsignor Vittorino Canciani, asserting it was part of a private collection, not stolen from the basilica archives.

The situation continues to unfold, with the Vatican under scrutiny for handling the case and the broader implications of security within its sacred walls.

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