U.S. Informs Iran It “Had No Involvement” In Israeli Strike In Damascus

The United States has recently informed Iran that it had no involvement in the Israeli strike in Damascus. This declaration comes amidst escalating tensions between the two countries, with accusations and counter-accusations being exchanged.

The U.S. made it clear that it was not involved in the strike and does not support any military actions against Iran. This message was conveyed to Iranian officials through diplomatic channels.

The Israeli strike in Damascus targeted Iranian military sites and resulted in numerous casualties. Iran has blamed the U.S. for the attack, accusing them of providing intelligence and support to the Israeli government.

Despite the ongoing tensions, the U.S. has reiterated its commitment to diplomatic solutions and has urged all parties to de-escalate the situation. The U.S. has also stated that it remains open to dialogue with Iran to address any concerns and prevent further conflict.

This development is a positive sign in the midst of heightened tensions in the region and could potentially pave the way for constructive dialogue and peace negotiations.

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