Thousands Flee Violence in Eastern Congo

Rusayo 2 camp near Goma, bordering Rwanda, has seen a surge of 20,000 new residents in recent weeks, swelling its population, according to Eric Batonon from the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Sandrine, a mother of eight, fled with minimal possessions after violence escalated, joining hundreds of thousands in Goma. The conflict between Congolese forces and the M23 rebel group has displaced over 150,000 people, including 78,000 children.

M23, one of many armed groups in the region, intensifies warfare with heavy weaponry, sparking fears of a humanitarian crisis. The rebel group aims to force negotiations, a stance rejected by President Felix Tshisekedi. Amidst international involvement and accusations, tensions with Rwanda escalated.

With security vacuums and foreign involvement exacerbating the situation, diplomatic solutions are urgently needed to alleviate civilian suffering. Meanwhile, aid groups work tirelessly to support displaced populations like those in Rusayo 2 camp.

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