“The World Has a Short Memory”: Pope Francis Warns of Rising Global Conflict Risk

On the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, Pope Francis expressed deep concern over the world’s fading memory of World War II.

Speaking from the Vatican on June 5th, he warned that as the horrors of the Second World War are forgotten, the risk of a new global conflict grows.

“I regret that the world has a short memory,” he lamented.

The Pontiff stressed the universal desire for peace, emphasizing the need for stability, security, and prosperity.

He condemned the disruption of peace for ideological, nationalistic, or economic gains, calling it a sin before humanity and God.

Pope Francis highlighted the courage required for peace, noting that compromise in conflict resolution is far from cowardice.

“The desire for peace is not cowardice,” he asserted. “On the contrary, it requires the greatest courage when you know you are losing something.”

Last year, Pope Francis sparked controversy in Kyiv by mentioning a “white flag” and “negotiation” as means to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

The Vatican later clarified that his comments were in response to a journalist’s question, aiming to emphasize the bravery in achieving a ceasefire through negotiation.

Pope Francis’s address poignantly reminds us of the fragile nature of peace and the importance of remembering history to avoid repeating its darkest chapters.

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