The Chosen Season 4 Set to Premiere on Prime Video: What to Expect

Anticipation is building as Season 4 of “The Chosen” is set to arrive on Prime Video on July 1.

This follows its initial release on the series’ app and its theatrical debut five months ago.

This season promises to be the most compelling yet, featuring dramatic and emotionally charged storylines.

One of the central characters meets a tragic end, adding a controversial twist to the narrative.

Viewers will witness some of the Bible’s most iconic moments, including Lazarus’s resurrection, John the Baptist’s martyrdom, and Jesus’s proclamation, “Upon this rock, I will build my church.”

In a pivotal scene, Simon is renamed Peter.

The collaboration between Roman authorities and religious leaders to plot against Jesus adds a layer of tension.

Creator and director Dallas Jenkins describes Season 4 as “gritty, raw, and challenging.”

“There are elements in this season that we’ve never explored before,” Jenkins adds, hinting at new depths and complexities in the storytelling.

With its vast library and 200 million subscribers, Prime Video is poised to bring this popular series to an even broader audience.

Last year, “The Chosen” impressively stayed in Prime Video’s Top 10 for over 90 days.

Kyle Young, the series’ vice president of global distribution, called this achievement “completely amazing.”

Jenkins emphasizes the show’s unique portrayal of Jesus, presenting Him as divine and deeply human.

He reflects, “The series shows a Jesus who heals, performs miracles, dresses His own wounds, and shares laughter with friends.”

Many viewers have shared that the show has made the Bible come alive for them in unprecedented ways.

As Jenkins notes, “We consider that good news.”

Looking ahead, production for Season 5 is already underway.

Fans can look forward to more inspiring and thought-provoking storytelling in the future.

Michael Foust, a seasoned journalist with two decades of experience, has extensively covered stories at the intersection of faith and news.

His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Baptist Press, Christianity Today, and The Christian Post.

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