Tennessee Governor Declares July a Month of Prayer and Fasting to Foster Healing and Reflection

In an unprecedented move to address societal challenges, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed a new bill that institutes a 30-day period of fasting and prayer across the state starting July 1.

This initiative, rooted in biblical values, calls for voluntary participation among physically capable and spiritually willing people.

The resolution, endorsed by State Senator Mark Pidy and Representative Monty Fritts, is a response to various pressing issues, such as violence, drug addiction, and human trafficking, which have marred the community and the nation.

The text of the resolution cites a troubling panorama: rampant violence, both from citizens and non-citizens and other societal ills like human trafficking and a widespread drug addiction crisis, notably the influx of deadly fentanyl.

These challenges are compounded by a rising number of DUI incidents and a concerning number of children needing foster care, reflecting deep-seated issues within families.

The resolution acknowledges these problems and invokes the historical tradition of seeking divine favor in times of trouble, referencing a call by John Adams in 1799 for national prayer and fasting.

Participants are encouraged to reflect on their lives, confess their sins, and commit to standing firmly on biblical principles.

The call to action extends to churches statewide, urging them to share the resolution with congregants and engage them in this collective act of humility and prayer.

Ultimately, the month of fasting and prayer is a time for spiritual reflection and a societal call to action. By invoking divine guidance and personal responsibility, we seek to heal and transform the community.

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