Tampa Church Finance Manager Admits to Stealing Over $750,000

Heather Darrey, once a finance manager at Christ the King Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida, has admitted to embezzling $775,000 through deceptive means.

Her fraudulent activities included destroying authorized bank checks and replacing them with handwritten versions that directed funds to her accounts.

After her actions came to light, Darrey pleaded with the church to refrain from contacting law enforcement, even as she confessed to stealing a significant amount.

She has now accepted a plea deal that could result in up to 20 years in prison and require her to repay the stolen funds.

The church, victim to what it described as a “complex financial crime,” assured its congregation that their financial data remained secure throughout the ordeal.

Commenting on the incident, Tom Lichtenberger of Brotherhood Mutual pointed out the paradox of trust and deception in church thefts, noting that even the most trusted individuals can sometimes be behind significant financial misdeeds.

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