Pope Francis Condemns Drug Legalisation, Calls Traffickers “Assassins”

Pope Francis issued a strong condemnation of drug legalization during his weekly address in St Peter’s Square on Wednesday.

He criticized the idea that reducing drug addiction could be achieved through the liberalization of drug use, calling it an illusion.

Francis emphasized the importance of supporting addicts, recognizing their unique personal stories, and offering them understanding, love, and healing.

His remarks coincided with World Drug Day, a designation by the United Nations to raise awareness about the global drug problem.

The Pope did not differentiate between soft drugs like marijuana, which is legal in several countries and US states, and hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

He stressed that drug dealers and traffickers should be seen as “assassins” due to their harmful actions and intentions.

Francis, originally from Argentina, highlighted the devastating environmental impact of drug production, particularly in the Amazon basin of Latin America.

He urged the global community to acknowledge and address the “destructive impact” that drug production has on both people and the planet.

By calling out the environmental and societal damages caused by drug trafficking, the Pope underscored the multifaceted nature of the drug crisis.

His stern message serves as a call to action for governments and individuals to reconsider approaches to drug policy and support systems for those affected.

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