Pastor Tony Evans Steps Back: A Journey of Repentance and Restoration

In a heartfelt announcement, Pastor Tony Evans, the leader of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, revealed his decision to leave his pastoral duties.

The 11,000-member congregation learned of this development during services on June 9.

After extensive prayer and discussions with church elders, Evans decided to take a break for a season of restoration “due to sin.”

The church’s elder board emphasized their duty to uphold scriptural standards and maintain the church’s integrity.

They stated that any elder or pastor falling short of these standards must be held accountable.

Evans, who has pastored the church for 48 years, did not specify the nature of his sin but confirmed it did not involve any criminal activity.

He acknowledged falling short of the biblical standards he has always preached and stressed the need for repentance and restoration.

Evans shared that he had informed his family and church elders about his shortcomings.

He expressed gratitude for the grace and support they have shown him during this challenging time.

The pastor explained that he must apply the same biblical principles of repentance to himself and others.

During his “spiritual recovery and healing period,” Evans plans to worship alongside his congregation as a member.

He expressed his deep love for the church and trust in God to guide him through this challenging period.

Evans’ announcement follows his December 2023 marriage to Carla Crummie, four years after the death of his first wife, Lois.

Evans has been married to Lois for 49 years and has often spoken about the profound impact she had on his life and ministry.

The church has promised to provide more information about interim leadership and future steps in the coming days.

Through this season of repentance, Evans seeks to restore his relationship with God and continue his spiritual healing journey.

He urged the congregation to focus on Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith.

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