New ‘God’s Not Dead’ Film Explores Faith and Politics

In a year marked by uncertainty, the producers of the “God’s Not Dead” franchise are set to release their fifth film, “God’s Not Dead: In God We Trust.” Scheduled for a nationwide release on September 12, the movie delves into the intertwined realms of faith, politics, and civic responsibility.

The film arrives when the fear of being canceled is pervasive, highlighting the need to stand firm in one’s beliefs and take decisive action.

The storyline follows Reverend David Hill, portrayed by David A.R. White, who enters the political arena by running for Congress after the sudden death of an incumbent. Hill faces a formidable opponent determined to strip religion from governance, emphasizing the crucial role of religious values in shaping policy.

The movie underscores a timely message. “Christians must realize that we are being called to deliver hope to a country that’s feeling hopeless,” Hill preaches in the film’s trailer. “Faith begins where your comfort zone ends. We need to step out into that faith.”

The film features an impressive cast, including Isaiah Washington, Dean Cain, and Scott Baio. Additionally, notable appearances by Governor Mike Huckabee, Raymond Arroyo, and the Grammy Award-winning Christian band Newsboys add to the film’s appeal. The Newsboys will release a new song, “In God We Trust,” on July 19, part of their upcoming album “Worldwide Revival: Part One.”

Great American Pureflix, the Christian streaming platform, will distribute this latest installment. Producer Michael Scott stated, “‘God’s Not Dead: In God We Trust’ is a bold reminder that complacency can erode our liberties, freedom, and faith when we fail to defend and uphold them actively. If we truly believe in a faithful God who is ‘good all the time,’ we must be willing to speak out and stand firm in our beliefs, even in the face of great risks and opposition.”

With its powerful themes and star-studded cast, “God’s Not Dead: In God We Trust” aims to inspire viewers to reflect on their role in shaping society through faith and action.

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