Man Burns Trailer Full of Bibles Outside Greg Locke’s Church on Easter

On Easter Sunday, a man set a trailer filled with Bibles on fire outside of Greg Locke’s church in Tennessee. The shocking act of vandalism left many in the community stunned and outraged.

The man, who has not yet been identified, was caught on security cameras committing the crime. He is seen pouring gasoline on the trailer before setting it ablaze. The fire quickly engulfed the trailer and destroyed all of the Bibles inside.

Greg Locke, the pastor of the church, condemned the act as a senseless act of hate and vandalism. He called on the community to come together in unity and not let this act of destruction divide them.

The incident has sparked a debate about religious freedom and tolerance in the community. Some have speculated that the vandalism was a targeted attack on the church and its beliefs, while others believe it was simply a random act of vandalism.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident and looking for leads on the identity of the suspect. In the meantime, the community is coming together to support the church and condemn the cowardly act of vandalism.

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