Lord, You did not Create Me to Worry

You created the earth with everything in it for me. Through the blessings on this earth, I can plant a single seed and harvest many fruits.

There are abundant resources everywhere to shelter and protect me. Because dearest Lord, You did not create me to Worry.

You placed me around people who loved and nurtured me. They provided me with all the things I need to grow well and I thank them for bearing the responsibility of raising me. There are times when You use people as instruments to care for us, like the doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, all because dearest Lord, You did not create me to worry.

You created me with arms and legs. So I can travel to places or create beauty for Your Name. But should they cut off my arms and legs, I have eyes that still see the beauty of Your creation in my surroundings.

You created me with eyes and through my eyes, I can appreciate Your care through the flowers and trees. I can see the wonderful arts created by humans, whom You have given talent.

But should I go blind, and my sight goes dark, I still have my ears so I can hear the birds, the ringing of bells, or the laughter of people. I can still hear your Gospels and the songs of praise.

You created me with the mouth. I can taste the wonders of the fruits of the trees and I can sing You praise forever.

But should my voice be gone, I can write You many letters of love and countless prayers. I can still dance for joy and kneel in prayer with my mind speaking to You in endless praise.

Dearest Lord, You have given me talents. I can contribute to humanity and share your Glory through my abilities. And through my talents, I can find my place and purpose in this world.

All because You did not create me to worry!

You gave us the saints and Your parables of forgiveness. You sent us flawed people to inspire us that though we may sin and depart from your words, we know that we are always given a chance to go back to You like the saints.

You gave us Jesus Christ who taught humanity how You, Heavenly Father, really love us. He made us understand how You see us.

We are not slaves, but Your sons and daughters. Through Him, we were shown Your kindness and Your desire to show us how much You love us. He taught us that we must not fear You, instead, we simply love You.

He taught us how to love one another and that you do not condemn even those condemned by society. When before Jesus, we killed one another, now, we pray even for our enemies. Now we live not in fear, because in this society that Jesus built, we are instructed to love even our worst enemies.

Dearest Lord, You created me with a heart that longs for you. My heart may be beaten down but the desire to love You will keep me smiling even to the face of death. Because, Lord, You did not create me to worry.

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