Is Social Media Making Us Stupid? Church of England Thinks So

The Church of England has issued a stark warning about the impact of social media on our intelligence.

A recent report from the Church suggests that our growing use of social media is making us “trigger happy” with our judgments, especially regarding leaders.

According to the report, the internet and social media create an illusion of reliable information.

Despite our quickness to judge and amplify opinions online, the report highlights a troubling laxity in scrutinizing the accuracy of our information.

This paradox of being quick to judge but slow to verify underpins a broader concern about trust and trustworthiness within the Church of England.

The study suggests that people are “deluded” into feeling more informed simply because they have easy access to vast amounts of information.

The report warns that overreliance on social media may lead to poorer judgment in determining where to place our trust.

The preliminary findings draw on interviews and conversations, exploring experiences of trust and distrust in society and within the Church.

The report also points out that some priests have been overly critical of church leaders, operating with too much autonomy or separatism from church leadership.

These issues will be a significant topic of discussion at the Church’s General Assembly in July.

The Church of England aims to address these concerns and promote a more thoughtful, scrutinized approach to information and trust in its community.

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