Hundreds Embrace Faith at Will Graham’s ‘Look Up Celebration’ on Australia’s Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Queensland, known for its lively nightlife and tourist appeal, saw a different gathering last Saturday. Hundreds flocked to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre for the “Look Up Celebration,” led by Will Graham, grandson of the legendary Billy Graham. This event stood out against the usual entertainment, offering a family-friendly, faith-centered experience.

As the crowd filled the arena, voices raised in unified praise. The atmosphere was electric, with worship setting the stage for Graham’s message. He spoke with conviction, challenging the belief in multiple paths to God. “Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me,’” Graham proclaimed. He emphasized the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice, urging the audience to find spiritual fulfillment beyond material wealth and social status.

Graham’s call resonated deeply. Hundreds responded, moving towards the stage to publicly commit to following Jesus. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association reported this profound moment of faith, a testament to the event’s impact.

The preparation for the celebration was extensive. Over 380 churches and more than 1,000 volunteers have collaborated, offering a Christian Life and Witness Course to educate participants on living and sharing their faith. This groundwork paid off, culminating in what many described as a revival.

Trinity, a prayer counselor, reflected on the significance of the night. “It’s life-changing,” he said. “There’s no greater miracle than the saving of souls. Tonight, there’s a celebration not just here but in Heaven.”

Following the event, Graham expressed his gratitude on social media. “God moved mightily,” he wrote. “As I shared about God’s love with over 4,600 people, hundreds decided to put their hope and trust in Jesus Christ. Join me in praying for these new believers.”

Since 2006, Graham’s message has reached more than a million people across six continents. The “Look Up Celebration” on the Gold Coast is another chapter in his ongoing ministry.

The event also featured performances by Christian artists The Afters, TAYA, and PLANETBOOM, adding a vibrant cultural element to the spiritual gathering. Their music amplified the evening’s impact, blending worship with a festival atmosphere.

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