How To Rediscover Your Faith

Each day, many teens at society’s mercy suffer the pressure of having to fend off for themselves as they are about to cross the bridge into adulthood. I was no exception. 

Some feel it at home and some outside of it. Parents understandably can’t help but worry, which can make matters worse. Sadly, some may realize that a tragic reality hides behind this idea.

If you can’t sustain yourself and provide something in exchange, you are not worth living. Nothing tangible to give? That means no food, no house, and no help. Some educations still revolve around this sad truth that desperately haunts us.

How does this affect our relationship with God?

Well, if gone are the days when all that mattered was friendship and comfort from our parents and friends, how will we replace this way of life? Easily put, with work and rewards.

How will we gain our Father’s approval? Through good works. And then and only then, our relationship with Him will come. Same as in real life. Work comes first, family comes second. 

But, is this actually what the Bible teaches us? Faith comes first, works come second.

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Ephesians 2

What Believing IN God Really Means

But what kind of faith?

For a long period of time, I believed the kind of faith Jesus preached was a basic one. That God exists. Boy was I so far away from discovering what my Christian faith actually meant!

Did I know I could have a relationship with Jesus (God in the flesh)? Yes. But with God the Father? I mean…it’s the Godhead.

“Really Jesus? I can have a personal relationship with God?! Is that the kind of faith you are looking for? The kind we would have towards our friends, called trust? That’s like going all in, you are raising it to a whole new level!!” I thought.

A whole new kind of faith. A faith that has nothing to do with believing whether God exists or not. It’s the kind that requires an already existing relationship first. Only then can you believe IN someone right?

The feeling of surprise I felt at that moment I cannot describe, nor remember, but the joy is still in my heart. Having faith in our Lord is having faith that He will be a good friend to us, a good Father.

A faith that goes beyond questioning if God is or isn’t. A faith that is so beautiful. A faith that first is love.

“Just Stay with Me…”

Now I understand what becoming a child means. It’s a re-education. Or rather…un-education. Being able to learn again what mattered most in our childhoods.

My Father doesn’t expect me to give anything nor work for Him to gain his approval. He just wishes me by His side. To simply appreciate His company like He appreciates mine.

Now every time I find myself sitting, wondering if I have done enough, worked enough, gave enough….and about to stand up, I simply imagine Him sitting peacefully next to me, halting me, looking into my eyes, and saying “Just Stay with Me…”.

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