Former Inmate John Robert Hill Jr. Inspires Millions with His Journey to Faith

Once a notorious figure chasing fame through a life of crime, John Robert Hill Jr., known to his one million followers as Holy Gabbana, experienced a profound transformation in prison that led him from a path of destruction to one of devotion.

Hill shared on the “God Behind Bars” podcast his turbulent youth, filled with vandalism and robbery, which spiraled into a social media frenzy that gained him celebrity status but at a tremendous personal cost.

As he recounted, his ascent to fame was unmanaged and raw, emerging from a background marred by familial abuse and loss. This pain, he masked with substance abuse, which only deepened his troubles, eventually landing him in prison in 2018.

Inside the confines of a jail cell, a simple question from his cellmate, Joshua, about belief in Jesus marked the beginning of Hill’s spiritual awakening. “That man asking if I believed in Jesus, it felt like God was reaching out to me,” Hill explained.

His transformative journey continued in his cell, where one night, during a moment of worship, Hill had a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit. Overwhelmed by a newfound sense of joy, he realized a dramatic shift in his life’s trajectory.

The impact of this encounter was profound and lasting. Hill described how it stripped away his sadness and filled him with irrepressible joy, unlike anything he had experienced before, even during the height of his drug use.

Now, Hill’s life is dedicated to spreading the gospel. He travels to prisons, juvenile centers, and educational institutions, sharing his testimony and the message of redemption through Christ. His outreach extends to his music, where he raps about the transformative love of Jesus.

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