Let Me Find Rest in You – Prayer Based on Psalm 17; 6-9

Lord, I want to be rested in You, in Your heart. You know all about my current battles. You know my heart and my longing for You. You know my weakness, diligently exploited by my opponents, so I could not get closer to You.

Lord, You are my savior, my shelter, and my hope. Send me the Holy Spirit to illuminate the way and show me the right exit. I want to fully cooperate with You to overcome evil in my heart and mind.

I remember and thank You for all the moments when You helped me so that I may taste the win with Your strength. Hence, I am Coming to You with greater confidence and a desire to help me.

Give me the grace that I’ll be once again obedient. I yearn for Your words, for Your lessons and instructions. I’m here and waiting for You to help me.

Thank You for opening up my heart and blessing me with new peace, joy, and discoveries.


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