Disgraced Pastor Carl Lentz Teases New Beginning

The former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz has hinted at a fresh start with his wife, Laura. A video on their social media, laden with symbolic imagery, announced, “JUNE 4… new chapter.”

Lentz was ousted from Hillsong NYC in 2020 due to leadership issues and moral failures, including infidelity. An internal investigation revealed allegations of his manipulative behavior.

Since then, Lentz has joined Transformation Church in Oklahoma. Executive Pastor Tammy McQuarters told The Christian Post that after two years of personal healing, Lentz is ready to serve the church again, though not in a preaching capacity. His role is now to offer perspective and insight.

In a May 2023 public letter, Lentz shared his current focus: “I’m not preaching, not overseeing people. My role is to help give perspective and insight where I can.”

Laura Lentz has shared glimpses of their post-Hillsong life on social media, celebrating personal milestones and expressing gratitude for the support from Transformation Church staff.

The couple also participated in FX’s docuseries The Secrets of Hillsong. Carl reflected on his journey, emphasizing personal growth and the freedom that comes with honesty. “It’s the freedom I wish for all of the many people that I know are called by God and wrestle with secrets and the feeling of not being worthy,” he stated.

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