Charlotte Megachurch Pastor Criticizes Trump-Endorsed Bible “God Bless The USA” as Blasphemous

A North Carolina megachurch pastor recently spoke out against the prioritization of politics over God by some Christians. Loran Livingston, the lead pastor of Central Church in Charlotte, delivered a sermon to his congregation of about 6,000 people emphasizing the importance of studying Scripture without being influenced by false doctrines.

He criticized the overemphasis on politics within the church and spoke against the promotion of the “God Bless the USA” Bible by former President Donald Trump.

Livingston stressed the need for Christians to focus on serving God and loving their neighbours rather than getting caught up in political matters. He highlighted the difference between the U.S. Constitution and the eternal Word of God, reminding his congregation that their true citizenship is in heaven.

The pastor urged believers to prioritize their prayer lives and avoid getting distracted by political issues that do not align with the teachings of the Bible.

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