Carl Lentz Reclaims His Narrative: “I Fell into Grace”

Carl and Laura Lentz have emerged from their self-imposed isolation, launching their new podcast, “Lights On,” to share their journey with the world.

For years, the couple has faced a barrage of criticism, some justified, some not. In their first episode, Carl Lentz addressed a key issue: he is not a disgraced pastor.

Lentz recounted the headlines branding him as a “disgraced pastor” and found them perplexing. “What’s funny about that is, God bless those people. They don’t understand grace. You can’t fall from grace. You fall into grace,” he explained.

He stressed that grace embodies mercy, favor, and forgiveness undeserved yet freely given by God. “If anything, I fell into grace. Those headlines are inaccurate,” he asserted.

Lentz emphasized the importance of holding onto the Lord’s grace. Without it, he believes, we would be condemned to eternal separation from God.

“I’m not a disgraced former pastor. I am a human being who made huge mistakes. Mine were public, and everyone saw them,” Lentz said.

Now, he aims to rectify his wrongs and live differently. “Disgraced, I am not. I’m more filled with grace than ever. Did I fall from grace? Not. I fell into it, and I’m grateful for that,” he declared.

Despite ongoing scrutiny, Lentz remains resolute. Some still hold his past against him, believing he is unfit for ministry. They view his statements as playing semantics.

“You could say what I did was disgraceful. Maybe at times, sure. But I’m not disgraced because we’re forgiven,” Lentz argued. “I have felt God’s grace more than ever. I don’t identify as the disgraced former pastor. No, sir. No, ma’am.”

The Bible succinctly captures the essence of grace in 2 Corinthians 12:9: “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Paul’s reliance on God’s grace during his weaknesses transformed him into one of history’s greatest voices for the Lord. Lentz’s journey mirrors this profound truth, marked by public mistakes and personal redemption.

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