Bible Engagement Among Americans Hits Historic Low

A new study reveals that fewer than 40% of Americans now regularly engage with the Bible. This marks a continuing decade-long decline, sparking concern about the role of scripture in shaping character and values.

Key Findings

  • Declining Trend: Bible engagement has fallen from 50% in 2011, with a slight dip in the past year.
  • Spiritual Divide: Younger generations show the steepest decline. However, a small but dedicated group report increased Bible use.
  • Desire for Connection: Despite the decline, over half of Americans want to read the Bible more often.
  • Regional Variations: Bible engagement is highest in the South, lowest in the Northeast and Midwest.

Why It Matters

The American Bible Society’s report points to a potential shift in the country’s spiritual landscape. As Bible engagement wanes, many worry about its impact on character development and shared values. The study calls for renewed efforts to promote biblical literacy and spiritual growth.

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