At 86, Elsie Peel Walks 70 km for Charity Amid Chemotherapy

Elsie Peel, an 86-year-old undergoing chemotherapy, completed a remarkable 70km walk throughout May.

She embarked on this journey to support Christian Aid, raising more than £900.

The 70K in May challenge mirrors the arduous treks many endure daily for necessities like clean water.

Elsie, from Bolton, expressed her motivation: “I felt compelled to contribute because we are relatively fortunate here.”

She highlighted the pivotal role of Christian Aid in empowering individuals, particularly women, across various nations.

Elsie’s route circled Doffcocker Lodge in Bolton, allowing her to appreciate the local natural scenery.

Despite her medical treatments, she remained determined and encouraged by doctors to stay active.

She gratefully acknowledged the support of those who sponsored her, enhancing her contribution to the cause.

The funds raised during Christian Aid Week will bolster efforts to alleviate poverty in vulnerable communities.

This year, the focus is aiding Burundi, where poverty and malnutrition are rampant.

Christian Aid has been active since 1945, initially aiding refugees post-World War II, and continues to support global development and humanitarian efforts.

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