Angela Kinsey Advocates for Faith on Set: A Stand for Respect in Comedy

Actress Angela Kinsey, celebrated for her role as Angela Martin on “The Office,” recently disclosed an insightful moment from the show during the “Soul Boom” podcast hosted by co-star Rainn Wilson.

Kinsey, who has never shied away from discussing her Christian roots, shared a significant instance where she challenged the show’s writers. She took issue with a script line that she felt mocked Christian beliefs.

She recounted a specific script that portrayed her character making a controversial joke involving Jesus, which she found distasteful.

“I never approached Greg [Daniels, the show’s creator] about any script issues before,” Kinsey stated. “But this joke did not sit right with me; it didn’t represent what Jesus means to me.”

Her concerns were about a particular scene in which her character was expected to act judgmentally towards Oscar Martinez, portrayed by Oscar Nunez, and the scene included inappropriate religious references.

When she raised her concerns with Daniels, he understood her stance and decided to omit the offensive joke from the episode.

Kinsey’s discussion with Wilson highlighted her commitment to her faith and showcased a broader respect for religious sensitivities in entertainment.

Their podcast session, lasting nearly six minutes, also featured a shared prayer of thanksgiving, underscoring the deep connection both actors have with their faith.

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