Actress Emily Rose: “God is at the Center of My Career”

Actress Emily Rose, known for her roles in “Haven” and “ER,” initially dreamed of a different career.

As a child, she aspired to become a horse veterinarian, inspired by a day shadowing a vet.

However, she soon realized that dealing with animals in pain and her struggle with science was not her calling.

Reflecting on her journey, Rose believes God had a different path for her.

She was raised in a Christian high school and discovered her passion for the arts during her senior year.

She found inspiration in Campus Life magazine and decided to pursue theater at Vanguard University, a Christian college in California.

Her professors assured her that God would open the necessary doors if God had called her to this path.

Rose continued her education, earning a master’s degree at UCLA.

She has sought to integrate her faith with her art throughout her career, consistently asking God where He would have her go.

From 2011 to 2015, Rose starred in the Syfy channel’s “Haven” and has appeared in “ER” and “NCIS.”

Her latest project is “Destination Heaven,” a series on Great American Pure Flix in which she stars alongside Harry Lennix, who portrays God.

Rose initially hesitated about the project due to concerns about how conversations with God would be portrayed.

However, she was reassured by Lennix’s involvement, believing his performance would bring depth and authenticity to the role.

Executive producer Dean Batali sought actors of faith for the series, which aims to depict profound spiritual encounters.

In the first episode, Rose plays a busy businesswoman who has a transformative interaction with a homeless person.

These stories, she says, illustrate how God refines and deepens our faith.

Being a Christian in Hollywood presents challenges for Rose.

She has turned down roles that conflict with her values, prioritizing her spiritual integrity over financial gain.

Rose believes that living out her faith in her career strengthens her spiritual formation, prompting her to reflect on the true purpose of life.

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