A Milestone in Poland: First Church Blessing for Same-Sex Couples

In a historic moment for Poland, the first church blessing for same-sex couples recently took place, featuring a blend of Catholic and Protestant clergy in Warsaw.

Artur and Jan, a devout Catholic couple, participated in this groundbreaking ceremony. “This blessing is crucial for us; it represents a strength boost for our shared future,” Artur told the news magazine Wprost. He emphasized the significant role of faith in overcoming life’s crises, describing it as “the strongest anchor.”

Jan shared his perspective, highlighting the universality of human emotions: “We are like anyone else; we experience love and pain. Hate destroys, but the love of God and neighbour, as Jesus taught, is paramount.”

The ceremony was conducted by Michał Jabłoński, pastor of the Evangelical Reformed Parish Church, with the collaboration of a pastor from the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession, and a Roman Catholic priest.

Despite the predominantly conservative stance of the Polish Catholic Church on LGBT+ issues, recent Vatican guidelines have allowed for greater pastoral care flexibility, permitting priests to bless same-sex couples.

From the Faith and Rainbow Foundation and a key organizer of the service, Uschi Pawlik addressed the contentious nature of blessing same-sex couples within the Catholic community. She cited Pope Francis’s evolving approach towards relationship inclusivity in the Church, noting an increasing support among Polish Catholic priests for the LGBT+ community.

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