Will Smith Lights Up BET Awards with Inspirational New Song ‘You Can Make It’

Will Smith, the beloved actor and rap artist, triumphantly returned to the stage at the BET Awards on Sunday night.

At 53, Smith showcased his latest single, “You Can Make It,” alongside the soulful Haitian-American singer Fridayy and the uplifting Sunday Service Choir.

The song, released on June 28th, features empowering lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners.

“The darker the hell you gotta endure/The brighter the heaven you get to enjoy/The harder the fall, the higher you soar/God opens a window when the devil closes the door,” Smith raps, echoing his iconic Fresh Prince days with a new, profound twist.

He continues with a powerful message of resilience: “Believe me; they tried to bleed Will Smith/In the rearview; I see adversity was the gift/To lift me higher gifts require faith/So dry your eyes, and then you’ll find the way.”

This performance marked Smith’s first appearance at an awards show since the infamous incident at the 2022 Grammy Awards, where he slapped comedian Chris Rock after a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Recently, Smith starred in “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” with Martin Lawrence, the latest installment in the popular Bad Boys film series.

Just days before the BET Awards, Smith announced his performance of the new single, emphasizing music’s role in his healing journey.

“Through some of my darkest moments, music has always been there for me – to lift me and help me grow. It’s my humble wish that it can do the same for you and bring you all the joy and light you deserve,” Smith shared in a heartfelt message.

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