Trump and Biden Supporters Clash Over Religion and Morality

The cultural and religious divides between supporters of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are stark and profound, as revealed by a recent Pew Research Center report.

The study, titled “Cultural Issues and the 2024 Election,” surveyed 8,749 U.S. adults from April 8 to 14, highlighting the significant differences in opinions on marriage, traditional values, and the role of religion in American life.

Most (59%) of Trump supporters believe society benefits when people prioritize marriage and children, compared to only 19% of Biden supporters. Furthermore, 37% of Trump backers feel uncomfortable when women do not take their husbands’ last names, while just 13% of Biden supporters share this discomfort.

The declining U.S. birthrate also reveals a divide: 47% of Trump supporters view it negatively, while half of Biden supporters are neutral. Conversely, 27% of Biden supporters see the declining birthrate as a positive development.

Abortion remains an intensely polarizing issue. Nearly half of Biden supporters (46%) favor making abortion legal in most cases, with an additional 42% supporting total legality. In contrast, half of Trump supporters want abortion to be illegal in most cases, and 11% want it entirely unlawful.

Both groups agree on the positive impact of contraception access, though the support is more robust among Biden supporters (93%) compared to Trump supporters (66%).

The topic of gender identity also highlights stark differences. A vast majority of Trump supporters (90%) believe gender is determined by birth sex, whereas 59% of Biden supporters agree that gender can differ from one’s sex assigned at birth.

Regarding accepting gender-neutral pronouns, 66% of Biden supporters are comfortable with their use, contrasted with only 20% of Trump supporters.

The growing acceptance of LGBTQ+ identities is seen positively by 51% of Biden supporters, while 53% of Trump backers disapprove.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, 57% of Biden supporters see its legalization as beneficial, while 51% of Trump supporters hold an unfavorable view.

Religious influence on government policies is another point of contention. While both groups generally oppose the idea, 43% of Trump supporters favor policies supporting religious values compared to 13% of Biden supporters. Similarly, 36% of Trump supporters believe the Bible should significantly influence U.S. laws, a view shared by only 11% of Biden supporters.

A small minority of both groups support making Christianity the official religion of the United States, with 22% of Trump supporters and 6% of Biden supporters in favor.

Finally, 45% of Trump supporters believe morality and good values require a belief in God, compared to 20% of Biden supporters.

These findings underscore the deep ideological rifts between the two camps, reflecting broader societal divides on cultural and religious issues as the 2024 election approaches.

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