Tragic Loss Strikes Community: A Family Nearly Wiped Out, Leaving Sole Child Survivor

A profound tragedy has enveloped a church community following a devastating car accident that claimed the lives of four members of the Mason family, sparing only the youngest child.

Dakarai Mason, 43, was driving the family car when the fatal incident occurred, also claiming the lives of his wife, Erin Mason, 35, a respected local police officer, their 15-year-old son Brandon Crawford, and six-year-old Titus Mason.

The family was returning from a church service when their vehicle was caught in a horrific multi-vehicle collision.

Titus Mason initially survived the crash but later died in the hospital due to severe injuries.

Noah Mason, the sole survivor, has been released from the hospital and is on the path to recovery.

Pastor Barry Garland of New Beginnings Church, where the children’s grandmother worships, has called for prayers to support the grieving family during this painful time.

“Family is all you got to turn to in such times, and their unity and love for each other have been a pillar of strength,” stated Pastor Garland.

The church has organized several prayer vigils to comfort the bereaved family.

The children’s grandmother, Laura Self Ingram took to social media to thank the community for their overwhelming support.

She wrote, “This week has proven there are good people still around. Your kindness, prayers, and generosity have deeply touched us and provided much-needed solace during our sorrow.”

She further expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all those who extended their support, hoping they received blessings for their generous deeds.

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