Thousands Embrace Christianity at Major London Event

Last month, a significant gospel event in London’s Trafalgar Square saw over 70,000 attendees, thousands of whom surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Daniel Chand, pastor of Pragma Church and founder of Walking Like Jesus Ministries (WLJM), expressed immense joy at the outcome of the event held on May 4th.

“This event marked not just history but the fulfillment of prophecy,” Chand wrote on the ministry’s website.

Seventy years after Billy Graham stood in the same place, Chand, alongside other evangelists and pastors, shared powerful testimonies, prayed for the sick, and preached the Gospel.

According to WLJM, the event featured multiple testimonies of miraculous healings, including relief from back pain, arthritis, nerve pain, and macro degenerative disease.

One viral video on social media showed a woman pushing through the crowd to testify that a lump in her back had miraculously disappeared.

“I’ve lumped disappear,” she announced, met with cheers and joyful shouts from the crowd.

WLJM’s Instagram post celebrated the event: “God’s not finished with the United Kingdom. We witnessed the Lord move powerfully in our nation’s capital! God is hearing from heaven and healing our land.”

The post emphasized that God is shaking everything that needs to be shaken and pouring out His Spirit.

Chand stood boldly in Trafalgar Square, proclaiming Jesus’ message and urging the crowd to embrace His love.

This event is part of a more significant movement of public Gospel preaching across Europe.

Another significant gathering occurred in Paris, France, where over 25,000 people marched as part of the March of Jesus.

Meanwhile, the 54th annual Opwekking Pentecost Conference drew over 63,000 worshippers in the Netherlands, with an additional 700,000 participating online.

“Revival means following Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit,” the Opwekking organization shared on Instagram. “This is our desire: The Netherlands full of Jesus.”

These events highlight a growing wave of revival across Europe as thousands unite in faith and unity.

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