Televangelist James Robinson Clarifies Allegations About Past Meetings Linked to Abuse Scandal

In a recent statement, televangelist James Robinson vehemently denied participating in meetings or knowing the details surrounding allegations against fellow clergyman Robert Morris. The controversy centers on accusations that Morris abused Cindy Cleminshire during her childhood in the 1980s.

Robinson released a video rebuttal with his wife, Betty, on X, addressing rumors of his involvement. He specifically refuted claims that he was present at a 1987 meeting between Morris and Cleminshire’s family or that he knew Cleminshire’s age during the incidents of abuse.

During his public statement, Robinson expressed shock upon learning the age of Cleminshire when the alleged abuse occurred. He condemned Morris’s actions, acknowledging his past moral failures but stressing the criminal nature of the acts involved.

In a further clarification, Robinson cited a correction by Cleminshire and a statement from her attorney affirming his absence from the controversial meetings. This comes after Morris, founder of Gateway Church in Texas, stepped down amid the surfacing allegations.

Robinson, head of Life Outreach International, reflected on his longstanding association with Morris, recalling how their paths crossed early in Morris’s religious career. He shared insights from Morris’s 2011 memoir, which shed light on Morris’s brief exit from ministry in the 1980s to pursue personal growth and humility.

Morris’s admissions include “inappropriate sexual behavior” in the past, which he claimed did not escalate beyond kissing and petting. Following the public accusation in 1987, Morris temporarily left his ministerial duties to seek counseling, returning to his calling two years later.

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