Pro-Life Protester Sentenced to Six Months in Prison: ‘Worthy is the Lamb!’

A pro-life activist was sentenced to six months in federal prison in Nashville, Tennessee.

Calvin Zastrow, the activist, was convicted of violating a federal law against blocking access to abortion clinics.

U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger also sentenced him to three years of supervised release.

He is expected to self-report to prison by October 1.

In March 2021, Zastrow and ten others blocked the Carafem Health Center Clinic entrance in Mt. Juliet, a Nashville suburb.

The group sang hymns and urged women not to proceed with abortions.

Seven of the eleven faced conspiracy charges under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

The remaining defendants were charged with misdemeanors, facing up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A federal jury found the protesters guilty in January.

During his sentencing, Zastrow stated that his Christian faith prompted his participation, believing that “children are a blessing from God.”

In court, Zastrow quoted the book of Revelation, exclaiming, “Worthy is the Lamb!”

Judge Trauger, a Clinton appointee, dismissed his remarks, stating she did not need a sermon.

She remarked that Zastrow’s “religious fervor” had caused pain to others.

Two other protesters, Coleman Boyd and Dennis Green, received six months of house arrest and three years’ probation.

Zastrow has a history of pro-life protests, including a 2019 lawsuit against Toledo’s city officials for stopping his demonstrations.

A U.S. district judge ruled in his favor, allowing him to protest outside abortion clinics peacefully.

In a 2023 interview with The Epoch Times, Zastrow said, “Because they’re still killing people. Let’s stop pretending that everything is OK.”

Paul Vaughn, another protester, avoided prison but received three years of supervised release.

Judge Trauger acknowledged their demonstration was non-violent but said they were “imposing their religious beliefs on other people.”

Vaughn, a U.S. Navy veteran, plans to appeal the verdict.

Over 100 supporters gathered outside the federal court during the sentencing, singing hymns and praying.

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