‘Please Pray For Me’: Beth Moore Requests Prayers Amid Urgent Health Struggles

Renowned Bible teacher and best-selling author Beth Moore has revealed that she urgently needs surgery to address a chronic back condition.

For several years, Moore has endured persistent pain, ranging from a constant ache to near-unbearable agony.

Although the exact date for her surgery remains uncertain, Moore anticipates it could happen as early as August.

Beth Moore is the president of Living Proof Ministries, an organization she founded in 1994 to help women deepen their faith through scripture study.

Recently, Moore has been in the spotlight due to her departure from the Southern Baptist Convention and the release of her memoir, All My Knotted-Up Life.

In a recent post on X, Moore shared, “The severe compression on the nerves in my back not only causes pain to shoot all over but also numbness in my feet. And I don’t always know when it will get intense.”

She continued, “This has gone on so long, I can’t even imagine being out of pain. I’m so happy and full of hope that I won’t have to live like this forever!”

At 67, Moore contacted her 995,000 social media followers, asking for their prayers.

“Please pray for me as you feel led and remember that the Lord is my joy. He sustains my spirit and keeps me strong,” she wrote. “He will help me through these next eight weeks!”

In May, Moore first disclosed her chronic pain, detailing her numerous visits to doctors and multiple MRIs to find solutions for her “multiple skeletal issues.”

“I’ve dealt with physical pain for a long time, seeing it as part of God’s plan for me to rely on Him. It’s one of my thorns in the flesh,” she shared. “I have a high pain tolerance, but last night, for the first time in years, I cried to Keith about it.”

While she has tried medication, Moore mentioned needing high doses that impair her mental clarity.

Despite her struggles, Moore maintains a positive outlook.

“My spirit is well. I find joy and cheer in Christ Jesus,” she said. “I love my current work and feel guided by the Holy Spirit. I can still laugh and enjoy my loved ones and my dogs. All is well, except for the considerable pain. But only from my neck to my heels. Lol.”

Moore assured her followers that her health issues would not interfere with upcoming Living Proof events.

“The Lord and I have managed this condition around events for a long time,” she said. “I can’t wait to worship and study scripture with you.”

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