Pastor Selling Real Estate in Heaven at $100 Per Square Meter

A Mexican pastor is making headlines with an extraordinary claim: he’s selling plots of land in heaven for $100 per square meter. This pastor, leading the Iglesia del Final de los Tiempos, or the Church of the End of Times, says a divine encounter in 2017 granted him the authority to sell celestial real estate.

The pastor’s promotional materials are nothing short of fantastical. They depict a radiant mansion in the clouds, bathed in golden light, with a happy family of four. The sales pitch assures buyers a guaranteed spot in heaven, regardless of the plot size. Payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, are modern and varied.

This isn’t the first time religious figures have attempted to monetize the afterlife. In 2018, a Zimbabwean pastor faced arrest for selling “tickets to heaven” at $533 each. Last year, a Ugandan pastor convinced followers to sell their assets for a heavenly promise.

Such scams aren’t confined to heavenly promises. In 2019, a Nigerian TV station was fined $25,000 after a televangelist promoted a “miracle water” as a cure for cancer. Peter Popoff, a German-born televangelist, was exposed in 1986 for using an earpiece to receive information from his wife during services, falsely claiming divine revelation.

Despite past scandals, Popoff thrived, selling a Californian mansion for $8.1 million last year. His story underscores a persistent issue: the exploitation of faith for financial gain.

Religious scams prey on the vulnerable, offering false hope in exchange for money. The latest from Mexico is just another chapter in this long, troubling history.

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