Oklahoma Family Credits Miraculous Rescue of Daughters to Higher Power

Oklahoma family is giving thanks to divine intervention after their two young daughters were saved from a near-drowning experience.

Jacob McKnight, the father of the girls, expressed his belief in the miraculous nature of the event. “We do believe God was there,” he stated, convinced that a higher power played a role in their survival.

The McKnight family, which includes three daughters aged 4, 6, and 1 and another child on the way, was visiting relatives in Edmond, Oklahoma. It was during this visit that the frightening incident occurred.

Caitlin McKnight, the mother, recounted the day’s events. She spent time outdoors with her daughters when a brief moment changed everything. After stepping inside briefly, she returned to find her two eldest daughters missing.

The search that followed was frantic. Jacob McKnight described the panic as he raced towards the swimming pool. “I’m starting to get pretty panicked at this point,” he admitted. He discovered his daughters submerged in 10 feet of water at the pool.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. Despite the murky conditions, he could locate and retrieve his daughters from the pool’s depths. Immediately, CPR was administered.

“They were dead,” Jacob painfully recalled. However, the quick response and expertise of the medical team brought them back to life. “We feel so blessed to be at this hospital,” he said, grateful for the medical care that helped save his daughters.

This harrowing experience has left the McKnight family deeply moved and more convinced of their faith’s power. They celebrate their daughters’ survival as a true miracle.

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