Nicolas Cage to Explore Jesus’ Childhood in New Controversial Horror Film

The celebrated actor Nicolas Cage is poised to take on a challenging role in a new horror film that delves into Jesus Christ’s enigmatic childhood.

At 60, Cage continues to push the boundaries of his career by starring in “The Carpenter’s Son,” a film inspired by the lesser-known Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

This gospel, often dismissed by scholars and religious institutions, offers a unique glimpse into the early life of the Son of God.

Cage will portray the Carpenter, a guardian figure in the life of the young Jesus, alongside stars FKA Twigs as the Mother and Noah Jupe as the Boy.

Deadline reports that the film will explore the dark undercurrents of a family in hiding in Roman Egypt.

The Boy, troubled by a mysterious peer, begins to question his origins and rebel against the Carpenter, setting the stage for a dramatic unveiling of his divine powers and destiny.

The narrative promises a blend of natural and supernatural horror as the family faces dire threats.

Filming will begin this summer, adding another ambitious project to Cage’s impressive portfolio.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Cage hinted at a possible retirement from the film industry.

After decades of diverse roles, he feels he may only have “three or four” more films left, as he believes he has nearly exhausted his potential in film performance.

“The Carpenter’s Son” is a testament to Cage’s commitment to exploring complex and often controversial themes in cinema.

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