Mother Faces Life Sentence for Murder, Claims ‘Bible Told Her’ to Beat Toddler with Cane

Christina Robinson, a 30-year-old mother from Tamworth, Staffordshire, is confronting a life sentence for the murder of her three-year-old son, Dwelaniyah Robinson.

Claiming adherence to the Black Hebrew Israelites’ faith, Christina alleged the Bible condoned her actions, which included beating her son with a bamboo cane.

The violence unfolded at their Ushaw Moor home in Durham, where she not only assaulted Dwelaniyah with a cane but also inflicted severe burns on his legs and buttocks.

Christina refrained from seeking medical attention for the injuries, fearing that healthcare professionals would detect signs of abuse.

Initially denying the charges, Christina was found guilty of murder and multiple counts of child cruelty by a jury earlier this year.

Scheduled for sentencing on May 24th, she faces the legal repercussions of her actions.

Revelations during her trial at Newcastle Crown Court highlighted the weeks of torment and agony she inflicted upon her son, leading to a fatal brain injury.

Despite being the sole adult at the scene, Christina delayed calling emergency services for over 20 minutes, choosing first to consult her husband via phone and search online for resuscitation methods.

While emergency responders worked to save Dwelaniyah, Christina remained composed and misled a police officer about the circumstances.

Though efforts to revive him continued at the hospital, the boy was likely deceased before leaving his home.

A thorough post-mortem examination indicated Dwelaniyah had endured repeated, non-accidental harm.

Prosecutor Richard Wright KC commented on the nature of the abuse, describing it as a “campaign of violence and cruelty” for minor misdeeds.

During the trial, Christina admitted to using the cane on her son, attributing her actions to a misinterpretation of Biblical scripture regarding corporal punishment.

After dismissing her legal representation, she pleaded with the jury, asserting her belief in her actions’ righteousness and urging them to acquit her of murder.

The investigation also uncovered a broken cane coated with the child’s blood and skin at their residence, leading to additional charges of child neglect. Christina had left Dwelaniyah alone while engaging in an extramarital affair during her husband’s military deployment.

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