Money Won’t Bring You Joy”: Joel Osteen Faces Social Media Backlash Over Post

Joel Osteen, the prominent megachurch televangelist, recently ignited a social media firestorm.

Osteen posted on X, “It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy. You may not have a lot of resources, but if you have family, you’re blessed. If you have your health, you’re blessed. If you can look up at the stars at night, you’re blessed.”

However, this message did not resonate with everyone.

The Daily Mail highlighted the backlash, with many people questioning the sincerity of his statement.

One critic wrote, “Joel Osteen, worth $100 million, living in multiple mansions, and owning multiple yachts wants you to know that money won’t bring you joy—but he still wants you to send him all of the money you can.”

Another harsh comment read, “How anyone could send a dime to this morally bankrupt conman is beyond comprehension…multiple mansions, a yacht, and sports cars were all purchased off the backs of the suckers he’s referring to. Religion is the greatest con on the planet.”

Newsweek also reported on the negative responses, noting several pointed replies.

“Joel Osteen worships money. Greedy, self-serving liar,” one post stated.

Another asked, “You donating your salary then?”

This controversy comes after Osteen’s January announcement that Lakewood Church had finally paid off their $100 million loan after two decades.

Reflecting on this achievement, Osteen said, “I look back over these 19 years, and there have been great years. I mean, Lakewood has been a lighthouse to the whole world.”

Osteen also marked a personal milestone, celebrating his 1,000th sermon since he took over the church in 1999 following his father’s death.

He attributed much of his success to divine intervention, stating, “Some of it is just the sovereignty of God. You just step into blessings that God has preordained.”

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