Miracle March: Elder’s Journey from Survival to Service

A remarkable recovery from a severe illness has inspired an elder from Bothwell Parish Church to give back to the institution that stood by his side during his darkest days. Harry Marsh, an 83-year-old church elder and grandfather, survived Strep A and septic shock through what many are calling a miraculous turnaround. After spending a month in the hospital on continuous oxygen and intravenous antibiotics, followed by eight weeks of palliative care at a hospice, Harry is now on a mission to support the facility that supported him.

Last year’s ordeal has motivated him to organize a fundraising walk. The goal is to collect £5,000 for St Andrew’s Hospice in Lanarkshire, which played a crucial role in his recovery. Harry’s healing journey was supported by fervent prayers and the unwavering support of his church community, friends, and family. Reflecting on this difficult time, Harry credits his faith and the love he received as the driving forces behind his survival.

In appreciation of the care provided, Harry’s upcoming five-mile walk around the serene trails of Drumpellier Country Park will also be a personal tribute to the hospice staff’s dedication. He will be joined by his parish minister, Rev Iain Majcher, Rev Majcher’s wife and their five children, and a group of friends and hospice staff, all united in support.

In conversations, Harry often speaks of the overwhelming love and meticulous attention he received, which he says profoundly impacted his outlook on life. The kindness of the hospice staff, who went above and beyond in their duties, left a lasting impression on him.

Training for the walk has already begun, with Harry using a static bike at home— the one he used for a previous fundraising effort. His determination is evident as he pushes the limits of what many would expect from someone his age.

Rev Majcher, reflecting on Harry’s journey and his decision to undertake the walk, remarks on the inspirational nature of his recovery. He recalls visiting Harry in the ICU and then in the hospice, where he once struggled to sit up. Today, Harry’s planned walk is a testament to the possibility of miracles and the power of resilience and faith.

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