“Man Claims He Visited Heaven and Met Jesus During Near-Death Experience: ‘I Was a Walking Dead Man'”

Randy Kay’s life was forever altered by an experience he describes as a visit to heaven.

Once skeptical of near-death experiences, Kay’s encounter transformed his beliefs and left him with a profound story to share.

Kay, author of Heaven Stormed: A Heavenly Encounter Reveals Your Assignment in the End Time Outpouring and Tribulation, confessed to CBN News his initial doubts about such claims.

“I used to think people just imagined these experiences or sought attention,” he said, reflecting on his previous disbelief.

However, his perspective shifted dramatically after his own near-death experience.

He acknowledges the risk and sacrifice people make when sharing these deeply personal and often controversial stories.

“This isn’t the kind of attention anyone, especially those with established careers, would want,” Kay remarked.

Kay’s journey began with a seemingly minor issue—a sore calf.

Initially dismissing it as a muscle strain, the swelling worsened during a bike ride, prompting a visit to the doctor.

“I collapsed when I pressed my heel into the floor as instructed by the doctor,” Kay recalled.

This led to a diagnosis of seven blood clots and a severe MRSA infection.

“The doctor said I was a walking dead man,” Kay recounted, describing the septic shock that followed.

This medical crisis, he believes, propelled him into heaven.

“Everything went dark, and the next moment, I was looking down on my body,” Kay described. “This light pulled me.”

He vividly remembers an ethereal space where figures seemed to battle, which he now interprets as witnessing spiritual warfare.

Kay’s heart had stopped, and hospital records confirmed he was clinically dead for 30 minutes and 49 seconds.

During this time, he experienced a heightened awareness, seeing and hearing beyond normal human capability.

“I called out Jesus’ name, and suddenly, I was next to Him,” Kay said, overcome with emotion.

He described feeling an overwhelming love unlike anything on earth.

“Jesus wrapped His arms around me; it was the most incredible experience,” he shared.

Despite his reluctance to leave heaven, Kay said Jesus told him to return to fulfill his purpose.

“I didn’t want to go back,” Kay admitted, deeply sad.

After returning, Kay struggled with depression but found solace in sharing his story.

He believes his experience offers hope and insight into the beauty and reality of heaven.

“I will always long to be there again,” Kay said, reflecting on his time with Jesus. “I miss that and will always miss that until I return.”

For 14 years, he kept his experience mostly private, revealing it to the world only when he felt ready.

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